Balbriggan Youth Forum

Balbriggan Youth Forum is an Intercultural Space where Balbriggan youth come together to share their experiences of living in the community and address the issues that affect their wellbeing.

The Youth Forum will:
Build the capacity of young people to consider and represent themselves on key issues
Enhance their knowledge of Human Rights, Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion
Empower young people to actively engage in the community.

The new Youth Forum, which is funded by Community Foundation Ireland, and hosted by Balbriggan Integration Forum and Cairde, has been created in response to the recommendation from the recent Flemington Liveability Report on the need for young people in the area to have a forum where they can "raise their concerns and address them in collaboration with key agencies as well as provide a space for new
ideas for diversion and creative participation in the neighbourhood".

The target age-group for the forum is 15 to 17 years old. The upcoming Youth Forum dates in 2022 are Sunday March 27th, Sunday April 3rd, Sunday May 8th, Sunday June 12th and Sunday July 3rd, all from 4pm to 6pm in Flemington Community Centre. Contact or use our contact form.

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